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The VENIS consortium, lead by Engineering group, is composed by 7 Partners (France, Germany, Greece, Italy and Slovakia). The project partners, which combine strengths and in-depth knowledge in international collaboration and interoperability., are well balanced in expertises between technology  developers and final users.



Engineering Group is Italy's largest systems integration group and a leader in the provision of complete IT services and consultancy. Engineering Group has about 6500 employees and 35 branch offices, throughout Italy, in Ireland and Belgium, and (outside the EU) in Brazil and Latin America. The Engineering Group operates through 7 business units, supported by its Central Office for Research & Innovation, with researchers active in many Italian and international research projects.

Engineering is the project coordinator for VENIS, taking care of the definition and management of the workplan, monitoring the work and coordinating partners' efforts, managing internal and external communications (administrative and technical reports, dissemination of results).

The Institute of Informatics Slovak Academy of Sciences (IISAS) is a leading research Institute in information technology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, established in Bratislava, Slovakia in 1956. The Institute has around 70 scientific researchers with the scope of research and development activities includes scientific and research work in informatics, information technology, parallel and distributed computing, control theory, robotics and artificial intelligence. It is organized in several departments and focused into following research directions:
-Parallel and distributed information processing,
- Design and testing of digital systems and their technological realisations,
- Nano- and micro-structures and their realisation with the use of electron beam lithography,
- Discrete processes modelling and control,
- Robotics (kinematic structures, animation), mobile systems, sensors and effectors,
- Speech processing, Image processing, Numerical methods and algorithms,
- The Institute of Informatics also deals with development of experimental laboratory equipment and printed circuit boards,
- Intelligent and Knowledge oriented Technologies group.

Main IISAS role in the scope of the Venis project will be development and customization of existing email servers, developing of the connectors to the existing legacy applications, research and development of the distributed indexing/searching and graph/text analysis as well. As a research institute IISAS will also publish scientific papers about scientific outcomes from the Venis project.




ITLink srl was founded in 2000 by a group of senior professionals highly specialised in Information Technology and Telecommunication Engineering. ITLink provides tailored solutions for Italian and international Customers. ITLink Customers include Industries, Research Laboratories, National and European Agencies



The InterSoft, a. s. is a company operating in information technology area. The InterSoft, a. s. was established in the year 2001. In the year 2004 the company changed the scope of business activities with more accents to modern information and communication technologies, and to provide new types of services in this field. The change was related to the joining Slovakia to European Union and the global context resulted from that for the company.


Fraunhofer Institue for Applied Information Technology (FIT) investigates human-centered computing in a business and engineering process context.
The usability and usefulness of information and cooperation systems is optimized in their interplay with human work practice, organization and process.


Link Technologies 
Link Technologies S.A. was founded in 2002 in order to provide specialized solutions to both the private and public sectors. Our technical expertise ranges from advanced Internet and Intranet applications to client/server development, project management, quality assurance, technical writing and coaching as well as Regional and Community Funding Programs. Within a short time, Link succeeded in establishing itself as one of the most advanced ICT companies in Northern Greece.

Link Technologies role in VENIS project will be to demonstrate the concept of the VENIS project and to do so, will automate their business processes while ensuring the goal of painless straight-through processing of data is easily achieved and information is being quickly exchanged.


Fondation Sophia Antipolis

Created and declared a public utility in 1984, the Fondation Sophia Antipolis has a role of reflection, coordination, impulse, anticipation which is well beyond simply putting in touch the actors to create the links and the synergy necessary for supporting the innovation process in Sophia Antipolis Science Park.
The Fondation Sophia Antipolis is responsible for work package 7 "Dissemination and Exploitation" to raise public awareness about the project results and receive valuable feedback.