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VENIS stands for "Virtual Enterprises by Networked Interoperability Services", it  is a project co-financed by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission.


It aims at bridging the gap of interoperability between Large and Small- Medium Enterprises, following the "Virtual Organisation" paradigm and leaving almost unchanged the already existing legacy procedures and the current way of working.


In multi-partner projects and business, aimed at developing innovative joint products, Large Enterprises suffer from a lack of synergy and cohesion with Medium-Small-Micro Enterprises due to the missing sharing of project information, flow of knowledge, synergy of workflows, etc. A novel level of integration is expected, while guaranteeing the security on proprietary information and preserving the already existing company management processes, fixed in years of past activity.


VENIS implements a lightweight platform, the VENIS Services for Enterprises Interoperability (VSI), specifically focused towards the interoperability and collaboration between Large Enterprises, with rich IT ecosystems, and the Small Medium Enterprises with poor or missing IT infrastructure.

VENIS Services for Enterprises Interoperability provides a full management of the Business Collaborations and a set of integrated services at the crossroad of the three key needs of the joint business activities:


  • Information Sharing across the business partners

VENIS provides a distributed and secure repository to share the information contained in the file systems, databases, ERPs, CRMs, and other legacy applications of the enterprises, connecting the IT Infrastructures from Large to Micro enterprises.


  • Data Exchange based on commonly used e-mails

VENIS provides a set of lightweight web services for the smart integration of the information exchanged in joint works, based on legacy email systems and boosted by semantic annotations and search.


  • Business Processes supporting the joint work of the partners

VENIS provides a distributed processes engine mechanism, able to link and execute the enterprises business processes, to assist the work in joint businesses and to create novel synergies in products supply chains.


All is powered by an extensive use of Lightweight Semantic to search data and support users interactions.



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