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Provide a solution able to drop the impedances between LEs and SMEs.

Specific studies on architectures and interfaces must be carried out in order to guarantee that the VSI is able to co-exist with both complex LEs infrastructure and poor or even not existing infrastructures in SMEs.

In LEs the difficulties are related to the external communications, since the channels opened towards the outside are strictly defined and controlled, in order to avoid unwanted intrusions; for instance, the e-mail infrastructure is not modifiable, since it is considered strategic for the enterprise communication, so smart ways around this must be studied to use it in the VENIS.

In SMEs, the VSI must provide a simple and reliable platform to SME (especially small/micro enterprises) with poor or no infrastructure at all, by offering a set of services able to interface the existing legacy applications in LEs. At the same time, the VSI must co-exist with SMEs legacy Applications, if any.

The VENIS research must also study the packaging and deployment policy of the VSI; in detail it must be suitable for LEs and at the same time simple enough for small/micro enterprises, with poor IT knowledge.

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