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Application Case 3: Supply Chain Collaboration between SMEs and LEs

This application case is based on the very typical scenario that currently takes place between the LE and the SME. The use is factual and is currently in use at the moment between Link technologies, the SME and their customer The Bus Transport Organization of Thessaloniki (named as OASTH from here on) who is the LE.

OASTH is the sole Public Bus transport provider for the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki and has a staff of over 3500 employees operating a daily fleet of 700 vehicles. They have various requirements on a daily basis so as the fleet can provide a very good service to the people of Thessaloniki. In order to do this they have the requirement for specialist services and equipment in order to keep the fleet running and provide this service to the community. They run a customized ERP system that was developed specifically for them which incorporates their payroll and ordering system.

This is where Link Technologies (SME) comes into the picture. Link Technologies is a major supplier of some goods and services to OASTH (LE). Link Technologies supplies IT and Telematics software and hardware to OASTH as well as staff when required so as to fulfill the needs of their control room staffing requirements. The collaboration between the LE and SME involves getting quotes and orders from the LE to the SME and the SME provides either quotes or fulfills the orders that have been sent.

In this application scenario VENIS can support or automate processes, reducing the need for human intervention in quotation and order fulfillment between multiple enterprises

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