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Application Case 2: New Product Development

This application case concerns the development process of a new product. In particular the application context refers to the management of an integrated CAD-CAE design process in aerospace domain. In this application scenario we believe VENIS can bring added values within a collaboration among companies in the aerospace industry, all involved in the same project for the development of a new product.

CAD and CAE are generally seen in the industry as separate and independent domains of interest, making exchange of information between designers and analysts, during the entire new product lifecycle, inefficient and unproductive. Due to the needs to reduce development cycles, it is therefore necessary a more efficient management of the exchanged information from CAD to CAE systems.

CAD (Computer Aided Design) is the technology that supports the activity of a geometric design of products. The use of CAD tools concerns the realization of a geometric model that constitutes the input of all the applications involved in the analysis, design, and production of a product.

CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) is the technology through which it is possible to analyze a virtual prototype and simulate its operations and verify its adherence to design rules and finally to predict its performance before its physical implementation.

This application scenario focuses on the management of an integrated CAD-CAE design process in Aerospace and how it may evolve with the help of the VENIS.

VENIS supports:

  • The exchange of resources between SMEs and LE, while maintaining their legacy systems;
  • Interoperability between model data generated by different CAD and CAE;
  • The identification of standards and rules to define common technological interfaces between internal systems and external systems
  • The creation of distributed working groups able to interact with business processes.
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