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Application Case 1: Software Development Supply Chain


The Software Development Supply Chain  application case faces the supply chain aspects related to the software development and maintenance. In this frame, flexible "Search and Manage" capabilities are needed to reach the expected level of collaboration in  the distributed design & development of software and during the post-sales customer care. This application case includes two use cases: the software development use case and the software maintenance use case.

In this application scenario VENIS allows an easy management of software development suppliers during the collaboration with large software services providers and also supports the customer care when the SMEs are part of the maintenance of a big software product.



This application case includes two use cases:

  • Software development use case

When a customer needs to implement a complex software project and the LE provider does not have enough or required development resources available, it will look for a suitable set of suppliers. This situation requires:

  • A smooth interaction between the customer and the provider.
  • A quick identification of suppliers, by their skills.
  • An easy management of the relations among the provider and the suppliers, from the technical and the contractual point of view.


  • Software maintenance use case

The customer care offered by the LE provider needs to involve the suppliers when the software maintenance touches the modules developed by them. In this case, the following is needed:

  • A transparent flow of information from the customer to the suppliers, via the provider.
  • A quick response from the suppliers.
  • A clear tracing of the upgrade status.
  • A fixed and standard release procedure, across the suppliers.
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