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Leave almost unchanged the actual way of working.

The design of the user interaction with the VSI needs to be carefully studied in order to minimize the adoption impact and, at the same time, to avoid interferences with the current use of strategic services, such as the e-mail.

The LEs users will continue to work as usual, with the legacy applications, but their actions will create events in the VSI. Here the research is focused on the adapters concept, trying to make simple the access to the LEs data (files, DB, etc.) and make them shareable with the SMEs, together with the related events. These events will trigger actions towards the SMEs (i.e. an e-mail sending), matched with their actual way of working. From the SME's point of view, the user will continue to use e-mail when interacting with the LEs. In addition, VENIS will study how to use the e-mails in order to create/manage/close collaborations, exchange file in secure ways, archive of the joint work for future reuse, etc.

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